About Me

I was born September 11th, 1988, in Somers Point, New Jersey.

I have extensive experience as a filmmaker, musician, computer programmer, and web designer; and I am an aspiring enterpriser.

I am currently the Executive Director of Voters United and Founder of Aspyr Designs.

Born 1988

Moved to New Jersey

I moved to New Jersey from Dale City, VA.

First Business

My first business was selling AirHeads to fellow classmates, at $0.25 a piece, during lunch in Intermediate School (Grade 6).


Started Middle School

Started middle school (7th grade) at the age of 13.

Started writing first feature film screenplay

I started writing my first feature film screenplay, an action/adventure film, pulling elements from the Spy Kids and Rush Hour franchises.


Started Learning to Play Drums

Started learning to play the drums. Self taught.

Started at chARTer-Tech High School for the Performing Arts

Started at chARTer-Tech High School for the Performing Arts where I majored in Film and Television production.


Action Film Pre-Production

I assembled a small team from my high school to begin the pre-production phase of the action film that I wrote in middle school. We ultimately disbanded after realizing we would not be able to raise the funds.

Make the Movie Happen

I started a crowdfunding website to raise funds for my action film project. I was the inventor of the perk-based tiered model of crowdfunding rewards. After trying straight donations for a while and still producing no results, I realized I needed to actually offer something more tangible to the donor, other than a simple “Thank You” in the credits. You now see these models used on sites like IndieGoGo and KickStarter. Ultimately, my donation-based fund raising methods failed.


Wrote Second Feature Film

I started writing my second feature film, a music-drama genre film, in my last year of high school.

Finished at chARTer-Tech High School for the Performing Arts

Finished at chARTer-Tech High School for the Performing Arts.


Started Writing Third Feature Film

I started writing my third feature film which is a drama that focuses on the life of two teenage girls who live with their abusive drunk father and a depressed mother.


Started Area 51 Entertainment

Started Area 51 Entertainment, a feature film and television production and distribution company. This organization took up most of my time over the next year and a half.


Co-Wrote Fourth Feature Film

I co-wrote a fourth feature film project within the comedy and drama genres, with a Christmas setting.


Started University

I started attending Atlantic Cape Community College with a major in Computer Programming.

Area 51 Entertainment Closed

Area 51 Entertainment shut it doors due to lack of funding, and the corporate income tax policy in New Jersey of requiring a minimum tax of $500 regardless of income (including an income of $0.00).


Transferred to Pace University

I transferred to Pace University (with a major in Business Management) after the fall semester of 2013 at Atlantic Cape Community College.

Moved to New York City

Moved to New York City to attend Pace University.


Returned to Atlantic Cape Community College

I returned to Atlantic Cape Community College, after dropping below full-time at Pace University for one semester and permanently losing my school provided scholarship. This time dual-majoring in Computer Programming and Business Administration.

Returned to New Jersey

Returned to New Jersey after transferring back to Atlantic Cape Community College.

Wrote Beginner’s Guide to Procedural PHP Coding

Started writing my PHP coding book entitled, “Beginner’s Guide to Procedural PHP Coding“. The first edition of the book was published on Amazon on August 2nd of 2015.

Voters United Formed and Started as Executive Director

Voters United, a voters education non-profit, was formed just prior to the 2016 election. We focus on educating the public on the electoral process in the United States.


Joined the Libertarian Party

I joined the Libertarian Party of the United States as a member and an became a vocal proponent on their Facebook page.

Started Second Edition of PHP Book

I started re-writing and expanding my PHP book, written back in 2015, to produce a second edition.


Left Libertarian Party

I left the Libertarian Party in favor of other, but similar, political affiliations.

To Be Cont'd